The World’s Finest Ramp TOW For Robinson Helicopters


The most advanced tow in the world for Robinson helicopters, RobbyTow, is made to look great for years to come. Assembled with stainless steel hardware right down to its solid stainless steel throttle knobs. No cheap plastic parts that will fatigue and break can be found on RobbyTow!


helicopter Tow

The Robbytow is lit for night operations so you can see what you’re doing in the dark. Especially designed to never ruin your night vision. Front and rear lamps are shielded to never shine in the operators eyes.

RobbyTow Night connection

Helicopter Night Picture Tow Connection

Heli Tow Connection At Night


RobbyTow General Photos

RobbyTow's mirror is oversized and strategicallly positioned low for a good view of the ground-handling ball.



RobbyTow’s modular design allows for easy transport when required. You have the main frame with motor and gearbox, the battery boxes, the operating handle and, shown here, the front lift and lock portion of the tow, which is removed with just one bolt and two electrical connectors. The RobbyTow is so modular it can even be relocated by helicopter or shipped UPS.


The chassis is hard yellow enamel for a durable finish or the optional paint to match your helicopter.


RobbyTow can store your dolly wheels on the handle, so they are always convenient to you.


The "beehive" pickup head provides a wide area to pickup the ground handling ball and spot lamp guidance to locate the tow under the ball. 


The position-able operating handle secures from the top in five positions, center and two left, two right, so you can position yourself to the side of your helicopter as needed to see behind the ship to safely back it up into its parking spot.




RobbyTow is all fingertip operation. No switching to go forward or back. Just rotate the variable speed throttle in the direction you wish to go.


RobbyTow even comes with an hour meter to keep track of how much time you save moving your ship on the ramp or how much time ramp personal use your tow.


Additionally, RobbyTow offers jumper posts in case you ever need to jump-start your ship. Both 12- and 24-volt posts are available - just remove the protective cover, attach cables, jump and go!

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