The World’s Finest Ramp TOW For Robinson Helicopters


We offer the RobbyTow with or with out batteries, by allowing the customer to buy with out the two 12 volt batteries required saves on shipping costs. The price is $6,950.00 with out batteries. This allows the customer to acquire local batteries and have local warranty service on any batteries issue. The price is $7,295.00 if you want it shipped with batteries. Each RobbyTow comes with a certificate of origin including a serial number to match your tow, a one-year parts and labor warranty, and two-year parts warranty. (We are not afraid to show price on our website like some of our competition.)

The RobbyTow is easier to use than than any other. The RobbyTow is safer for your Robinson. The RobbyTow has a longer warranty period than the competition. Did you study the "why is a RobbyTow better page"? OH. You say you want a cheaper tow. How much do you think its going to cost when you bump the tail of your helicopter on something you can't see when backing up with a cheap tow? Reminds me of the guy who won't spend good money on a quality helmet to ride his motorcycle. He'll only buy a cheap helmet. If you've got a $10.00 head. Buy a $10.00 helmet.

If you wish to have your tow painted to match your helicopter instead of safety yellow the paint option is $295.00. Just provide us with your paint codes and a picture of your helicopter and we will paint to match.

If units are not in stock for immediate shipment a 25% deposit secures your tow in the production line up with the balance due by the ship date. To order a RobbyTow just call 87robbytow  (877 622 9869) toll free to arrange mode of payment and shipping info.



We now have financing options available through BrickHouse Small Business.  You may download the forms below, and/or contact Martin Levin directly at BrickHouse Capital at 480 948-5520:

Robby Tow - Credit Application.pdf

BHBS Company Information.pdf


Dealer Program:  

If you’re interested in a Dealer Program for the RobbyTow please contact us at 87RobbyTow (877 622-9869).  We are offering great incentive and protected territories. You do not have to be a Robinson dealer to sell RobbyTows.


Check, wire transfer, Texas residents subject to a 6.75% sales tax.


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