The World’s Finest Ramp TOW For Robinson Helicopters


Many of the tows on the market today offer none of the great features listed below. Some offer one or two of the features of the RobbyTow !


RobbyTow’s features are truly what make it unique and superior to other
Robinson helicopter tows. RobbyTow has:

  • Positionable operating handle
  • Complete finger-tip operation
  • Simple disassembly for easy transport
  • No gas engine – no need to refuel or start in cold weather
  • No chain – to rust or come off
  • No belts – to wear out or need adjustment
  • No hydraulics – to leak or slow in cold temperatures
  • No super expensive (Special) industrial or marine batteries
  • Automatic neutral for movement when battery power is lost
  • Manual back-up design allows use without power
  • “Beehive” design pickup head – no need to bend over when hooking Robbytow to helicopter
  • Superb traction for use on poor surface conditions
  • Cutting edge solid state electronics
  • Quick and powerful design
  • Front and Rear Lights for night operation
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits through a standard people doorway – easily access RobbyTow without having to open large hangar door in freezing temperatures

The Patented positionable handle can be positioned five ways allowing you to see behind the helicopter to ensure safety when backing the ship into a tight spot. MINIMIZING the chance that ramp personal will damage your helicopter.

The variable speed throttle allows for simple rotation in the direction you wish to move. Easily adjusts from a very slow crawl for getting the ship into a tight space to a swift pace for crossing a freezing cold ramp. If you do not trust your ramp personal with the swift pace the RobbyTow is capable of we can program a slower max speed at the factory for your tow.

Superior traction allows for movement over less than ideal surfaces. RobbyTow is designed with large tires that provide the greatest contact to the surface directly under the center of the helicopter’s weight, producing the highest level of traction possible. RobbyTow will even pull the helicopter through the grass if land is flat and smooth!

RobbyTow’s Patented“Beehive” pickup head features over ten times the surface area than that of other tows, and a spotlamp guidance system, producing effortless alignment and pickup. No longer will you be forced to bend over while hooking up tow to ship. No longer will skillful practice be required to operate your tow. No longer will you dirty your knees to see under the aircraft. This design greatly reduces the chance that ramp personal will damage the bottom of your helicopter as can easily happen with other designs.

The innovative Patented automatic neutral design allows RobbyTow to be maneuvered without battery power whenever needed or desired. Additionally, the lift mechanism has a manual back up provision. Our competition also dosen't even have lighting to assist with night operations. We didn't just stick a light on the RobbyTow. The RobbyTow has a front and rear lamp design which is properly shaded and powered just right. Its not so bright so as to ruin your night vision and it never shines in the RobbyTow operators eyes, yet allows for seeing in the dark to safely move your helicopter. 

RobbyTow is powered by a direct drive, 24-volt, 1 HP electric motor with no belts or chains that might require periodic adjustment. Two 12-volt car batteries supply power, which permits more than sufficient use between charging, and has a built in battery maintenance system. RobbyTow uses standard size group 24 automotive or the 12 inch long deep cycle style batteries for affordable replacement.

Additionally, RobbyTow offers jumper posts in case you ever need to jump-start your ship.  Both 12- and 24-volt posts are available - just remove the protective cover, attach cables, jump and go!

RobbyTow is designed with leading edge, solid-state electronics, which eliminates the solenoids formerly required to maneuver such a device in multiple directions. Less moving parts means less part-wear and replacement, more reliability.

Additionally, the locking gate parts on the pick up head of RobbyTow are treated with the newest EXO coating technology from UCT Coatings out of Palm City, FL.  EXO is a patented, high-performance nickel boron coating that gives metal surfaces an extraordinary combination of hardness, abrasion resistance, and lubricity, which allows maintenance-free use of the Robbytow. No need for lubricating the parts periodically as is required with most metal apparatuses. Check out for more information on the advantages of this new process.

Simple disassembly makes RobbyTow easy to transport and ship. Robbytow is designed in modules which can be taken apart in manageable segments. RobbyTow could even be relocated by your helicopter if needed!

RobbyTow is proudly MADE IN THE USA. We have made every effort to produce this tow all-American.  Some of the parts required for RobbyTow’s design could not be acquired in the United States. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of RobbyTow is made in America!

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