The World’s Finest Ramp TOW For Robinson Helicopters


The Best Tow for Your Robinson Helicopter and as of Dec. 2013 ITS PATENTED, US # 8607905B2.  Yes, the RobbyTow is so advanced for a helicopter tow, its patented.

Welcome to RobbyTow. Take a few moments to learn why RobbyTow is the easiest and safest helicopter tug for your Robinson Helicopter. Easy to move, longer warranty and the finest tow on the market. Check us out!  You and your Robinson Helicopter deserve RobbyTow!

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Don't let this happen to your Robinson.

Use a Robbytow!  Easier to make a sure connection
to the ground handling ball and allows you to see
behind the helicopter when backing up.





Financing Now available !  We are pleased to announce financing available for commercial operators from Brickhouse Small Business at resonable rates. Use Brickhouse for a RobbyTow purchase or bundle it with other equiptment needs from $5000.00 to $5,000.000.00  See our order info page for details.

Last website update May, 30 2015.

Read more about how RobbyTow's parts are treated with the newest EXO coating technology from UCT Coatings on the Why is RobbyTow Better page!

Meet RobbyTow!

It’s no secret Robinson helicopters are the best reciprocating engine helicopters in the world. What IS still a secret is that there is now a far advanced tow available to move Robinson helicopters on the ramp.

That tow is the RobbyTow – an expertly designed and skillfully engineered piece of equipment developed by an experienced Robinson helicopter pilot specifically for Robinson helicopters.

For helicopter towing RobbyTow is the absolute top-of-the-line tug for Robinson helicopters, boasting innovative features not found on any other tow. The whole of the RobbyTow including the lifting mechansim is designed specifically for the Robinson helicopter. You won't find any makeshift design like a automotive floor jack used to lift your delicate helicopter as some others do and it is even priced less then the old Robinson MT900 tow.

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